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Quick and Easy

Once you find a tutor/trainer, it is quick and easy to begin your lessons. Here is how to finalize your arrangements and begin lessons:

Speaking to Tutors/Trainers on the Phone or in Person

Once you have connected with a tutor or trainer via message/e-mail, you may wish to speak to them on the phone or set up a meet-and-greet before beginning the lessons. Most instructors are happy to speak on the phone, and many will be willing to meet in person at no charge in order to ensure that they are a good fit for you (Prior to your meeting, be sure to confirm that it is in fact complimentary so that you are not charged). Please note that before speaking on the phone and/or meeting, All-Star Education will ask that you purchase a credit on your account.

Payment Information and Payment Options

Before finalizing your arrangement with a tutor or trainer, All-Star Education asks that you purchase money credit with the company. This requirement is in place for a few reasons. First, all payment for tutoring and training is made through All-Star Education and we in turn distribute the payment to the instructor, so it is essential to be able to collect payment in order to compensate the instructors. All-Star Education accepts all major credit cards. You will have several purchase choices, with some tutoring and training packages saving you up to 20%. Once a session is completed and confirmed, a deduction will be made from your balance that correlates to the wage of the instructor.

All Financial Information Is Secure

All-Star Education has completed numerous financial transactions without incident. Any confusion over payment will always be resolved immediately, and financial information will never be compromised. All-Star Education’s website and database are completely secure. If you ever have any problem or need assistance with your payment information, you are always welcome to call us at (516) 569-1026.