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How It Works

Offering tutors and trainers in the most variety of fields possible, it is easy to find an educator that will fit your needs, regardless of the particular discipline.


From the homepage, you will find it easy to search for an instructor. Entering the subject you desire, zip code, and distance, and your search results will provide you with educators that directly match your criteria.

Review Educators

Your search results will contain a photo, brief description of the educator, the educator’s location, and their hourly rate. When you click on the educator, you will be able to see their full profile. Here, you can view the educator’s complete bio, prior lesson ratings, student feedback, etc. At the bottom of the profile, you will be able to send a message that will go directly to the educator.

Contact Tutors/Trainers Securely

All-Star Education encourages you to contact as many tutors/trainers as you’d like in order to answer any questions you may have, and find the right educator for you. Messages will all be private between you and the tutor/trainer.

Fast Reponses

All-Star Education will notify the tutors/trainers you message immediately via e-mail, ensuring that you will receive a timely response to your inquiries.

Safely Begin Lessons

To ensure your safety, you can run background checks on tutors/trainers, as well as check feedback from their previous lessons with students. It is encouraged that you schedule your first meeting in a public location and have an adult present if the student is under the age of eighteen. Do not exchange personal information with a tutor/trainer until you feel comfortable doing so.