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Math Tutor Online Long Island

At Math Tutor Online Long Island, we continually see students who are missing a key math skill that has not been established from some earlier point in time. This missing building block becomes magnified as the math becomes more complex, incorporating calculus, trigonometry and advanced geometry concepts. Often the result is a frustrated and confused student. Online Tutoring services offer convenience and flexibility in the comfort of your own home. We utilize state of the art whiteboard technology where you meet with your expert tutor in our online classroom. Students connect to live educators from any computer that has Internet access, no special software installation or equipment is required. We provide live, online tutoring up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week enabling students to get the help they need when they need it. Our Math Tutor Online Long Island do not solve the problems for students, but rather teach the underlying concepts. Using our proprietary virtual whiteboard for live, real-time collaboration, tutors guide students through solving math problems Math Tutor Online Long Island tutors do not solve the problem for students. Instead, tutors use a problem-solving based teaching style to help students learn underlying math concepts. In this way, students learn to handle future assignments on their own. Using an advanced queuing system providing little or no wait time, students are connected on-demand with an expert educator. Students work one-on-one, in real-time with a tutor, communicating using a virtual whiteboard technology. Scientific and mathematical notation, symbols, geometric figures, graphing and freehand drawing can be rendered quickly and easily. Our Implementation Services team members work with campus administrators and staff to determine the method for secure log in best suited for your program(s).

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