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How It Works

As a tutor or trainer, All-Star Education provides the easiest, most efficient way to attract new attract new students and foster long-term relationships. Job opportunities are provided for every single subject area, enabling plenty of business for every educator. There is a reason why All-Star Education’s tutors and trainers are so happy. Sign up for free and see for yourself!

Exceptional Pay

You get to choose your own hourly rate. All-Star Education’s commission is 15-25% of this rate, depending on the number of hours you have tutored/trained. Our commission is only half of what competing tutoring sites offer; we want you to earn your pay! Students will receive discounts for credit packages they purchase. These discounts are taken from All-Star Education’s commission, so your percentage is not affected.

Secure Communication

All-Star Education’s e-mail and message system protects your privacy as you effectively communicate with students. You will also be e-mailed by All-Star Education immediately when new tutoring inquiries are made.

Profile Personalization

Personalization of your profile using both photos and blogs can help attract more prospective students. Subject qualifications, student feedback, and background checks can help students be assured that you are the right choice for them. We will never display your full name or address, as we truly value your privacy.

The Marketplace

All-Star Education is the best new source for tutors and trainers to acquire new customers. This marketplace is powered by many dynamic factors, such as tutoring/training history, responsiveness, and user feedback. The marketplace uses a unique model that is exceptionally effective and easy to use. Successful tutors and trainers can make tens of thousands of dollars per year by working with students through All-Star Education!