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About All-Star Education

Hello, my name is Sean, and I’m happy to welcome you to All-Star Education, a place where students come to achieve their goals!

Speaking from personal experience, the education market is tough. The world is creating brilliant new teachers daily, but unfortunately almost all of them struggle to find their way into a concrete position. Luckily, the demand for tutors and private instruction is at an all-time high.

After receiving my first master’s degree in education, I was determined to find whatever work I could, tutoring any students I could find, as well as working as a professional soccer trainer. There was my problem. The students were out there, but unreachable. Few websites were available, and almost none gave a sense of comfort or personable touch. On top of that, NO business was out there that offered an equal amount of sports trainers and coaches! Almost every trainer I knew wanted more work, but just needed the ability to find it. With a background of marketing, I knew right away that something needed to be done about this problem.

I decided that in order for students to achieve their best, they would need to be working with the best. All-Star Education was created from the minds of educators who know how important it is for students to receive instruction from an educator that perfectly suits them. I also know that parents do not need any more headaches, which is why we made our site as user friendly and easy to use as possible!

There is no better feeling than the success in helping a student improve. This is our philosophy at All-Star Education, and hope you feel the same way, too!

Welcome to All-Star Education. Achieve like an All-Star!